About Wanzi Studio

We are still growing up and there will be more series.

Wanzi Studio is a new-born studio established in 2018. Now there are only three members and it is mainly focused on PGSM series resin kits.

Wanzi Studio

Our Team


He is the team leader and 3D digital sculptor who runs the studio and is specialized in modeling for many years. Also he is in charge of the main affairs of the studio like production, shipping and business communication. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact him.


He is the concept director who is extremely familiar to all the settings of PGSM and sensitive to what fans really want. Mostly he is responsible for the conception and direction of each production and the design of the whole series like Sailor Princess. Other time he reviews modeling and gives feedback.


She is the graphic illustrator from Hong Kong. Creating 2D graphic which is for the base of the projects and promotional usage. Also, she actives in Doujin Activities that making fanart and original goods.

We are still growing up and there will be more series.

Thank you for your patience and support!!!

International cooperation

We hope that yourgk.com will become a collection platform for international quality toys. We hope that excellent brands will join the website, please contact US.

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We hope that more and more outstanding designers will join US and create more excellent products together.