Jun 2019

Guys, after a long time of waiting, the preorder of Princess Serenity will start on 30 June 2019 finally!!!

Befote that, let me repeat the discount rules again!!!

DX version:242 dollors Normal version:185 dollors. (shipping fee excluded) Installement is acceptable, but I ask for 50% per set and you will have to pad the final payment once the production is finished.


1.If you preorder Serenity in full payment, you can get 5% discount.

2.If you have ever bought Usagi&Mamo OR Amazoness Quartet, you can get 5% discount when pruchasing Serenity with the purchase certificate.

3.If you have bought both Usagi&Mamo AND Amazoness Quartet before, you can get 10% discount with the purchase certificate.

4.If you help to repost our promotion on BOTH Instagram and Facebook, you can get 5% discount with the repost screenshot.

ALL the discount above are superimposed!!!

There will be only 150 sets of DX version. The normal version is not limited~

The deadline of preorder is set at the end of August and is planned to be sent out around October!

If you love this Serenity, don't miss it!

Love you guys!!!

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